Big Data for Political Intelligence

Naveler is the first Big Data platform specialized in politics. It transforms data into Political Intelligence, facilitating the decision-making process and leading you to success

How does it work?

Naveler is a disruptive solution for massive data analysis, specially designed for understanding the public opinion.

The platform detects, analyses and synthesises millions of data automatically from multiple sources. Categorizes the data from highest to lowest relevance and obtains the maximum knowledge from them.

Just like that, you can have all the strategic and valuable information at your disposal!

What do we understand by brands?

A brand can be, for example: a candidate or representative, a political party, a public institution, a geographic region or a topic of public interest

Where do we get the impacts from?
  • Digital media
  • Video platforms
  • Social networks
  • Forums
  • Websites

How can it help you?

Naveler extracts Political Intelligence from Big Data to elaborate successful strategic plans

Synthesis of current political topics of your interest

Focus on what is relevant: eliminates noise and excess of information

Targets: your highest impact audiences distributed by gender, age or geographic location

Notifications: know instantly the topics of your strategic interest and the opportunities that you can take advantage of

24/7 understanding about how your voters and other audiences perceive you

Detection of key leading voices

Political intelligence recommendations to lead the public agenda

Instant fake news detection, avoiding them from spreading


Naveler’s exclusive technology has been recognised with several awards, both nationally and internationally